Over the cause of the last 6 months, we have witnessed some very embarrassing, appalling and disgusting reporting. From the way we seem to neglect good and inspiring news, to the abundance of bad incidents being reported, and recently the way people embellish bad news to garner more attention. 

Take the lynching of a young boy in Lagos as an example. Reports surfaced online that a 7 year old was caught stealing garri in a Lagos market and was subsequently beaten and burnt to death. After the expected internet backlash, it turned out to be true and false to some extent.

The embarrassing part is this: Jungle Justice was done, a boy was burnt to death and people watched and even encouraged it. Why then did people decide to lie about the identity of the murdered boy. He committed a crime, though he didn’t deserve to be lynched but is that enough reason twist the story.

What is even more disconcerting is that some media houses reported the news without investigating the claims. The act was barbaric and inhumane but it doesn’t warrant the embellished stories. We have to start changing our orientation and stop reporting lies, white or not.