For days now, a lot of unconfirmed reports have been coming through about Manchester United  tabling a £100m bid for Juventus midfielder Paul Pogba. prior to the Euro 2016 Final yesterday, a lot of fans have been anxious for the deal to go through, but after a lacklustre performance yesterday, some fans have been making U-turns about the deal.


Paul Pogba is a very impressive and promising midfielder, with legendary potentials, but paying £100m for his services is excessive and wasteful. There is no denying the fact that we need a commanding and creative presence in our midfield, but paying such an exorbitant amount of money for him is pure madness.

Since SAF left, United have spent a ridiculously high amount of money trying to attract world class players. Mourinho’s arrival has brought a breath of fresh air to the club, especially transfer fees. Instead of spending £100m on Pogba, the logical and sensible thing to do is look elsewhere and spend money wisely.

Beside, United need a reliable and formidable midfielder to cover the defence and Pogba is not that kind of player. He is no doubt a good midfielder, but he cannot provide the sort of shield that man United’s defence needs.